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Chi­ro­prac­tic Helps Addicts Kick the Habit

The July 14, 2006 issue of the Psy­chol­ogy Today Online car­ried a story with the sub­ti­tle ” Beat­ing addic­tion may take an extra nudge from the chi­ro­prac­tor.” This arti­cle, in a main­stream psy­cho­log­i­cal pub­li­ca­tion, starts off by fol­low­ing the suc­cess story of one indi­vid­ual enrolled in the Exo­dus addic­tion treat­ment cen­tre of South Florida. The arti­cle notes that this cen­tre has a much higher rate of suc­cess in addic­tion treat­ment than the national aver­age for such centres.

When this one patient was asked what he attrib­uted his suc­cess to he noted, “I think that chi­ro­prac­tic care was an inte­gral part of my recov­ery.” The Exo­dus cen­tre adds chi­ro­prac­tic care to the nor­mal treat­ment of addic­tion. The arti­cle then asks, “But what does the spine have to do with addic­tion?” The con­nec­tion is explained by the effect chi­ro­prac­tic care has on the ner­vous sys­tem and brain chem­i­cals called neu­ro­trans­mit­ters that under chi­ro­prac­tic care are released in a spe­cific sequence and a state of well-​being.

The arti­cle notes that “sub­lux­a­tions” inter­fere with nor­mal nerve trans­mis­sion and there­fore inter­fere with the nor­mal chem­i­cal sequence. Chi­ro­prac­tic care is designed to cor­rect sub­lux­a­tions, return nor­mal nerve func­tions and there­fore allow the chem­i­cal sequence to return to normal.

The arti­cle recalls a study, pre­vi­ously pub­lished in the sci­en­tific jour­nal Mol­e­c­u­lar Psy­chi­a­try, that proves the rea­son­ing behind the suc­cess seen at Exo­dus. In the orig­i­nal study, 98 sub­jects enrolled in the Exo­dus pro­gram for addic­tion treat­ment received fre­quent chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ments over a 30-​day period. These sub­jects were com­pared to two other groups of patients who did not receive chi­ro­prac­tic. One group called the pas­sive group, under­went only stan­dard reha­bil­i­ta­tion, and another, a placebo group, received sham chi­ro­prac­tic care.

The national aver­age for com­ple­tion of addic­tion pro­grams is about 55 per­cent. In the study noted above the two non-​chiropractic groups had com­ple­tion rates sim­i­lar to the national aver­age. How­ever, the patients in the group that received chi­ro­prac­tic care dis­played an unprece­dented 100 per­cent pro­gram com­ple­tion rate.

Dr. Jay Holder of the Exo­dus cen­tre stressed in the arti­cle that chi­ro­prac­tic care does not rep­re­sent a new form of treat­ment for addic­tion. He noted that chi­ro­prac­tic helps patients use exist­ing treat­ment more thoroughly.

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The above comes from a study pub­lished in the Novem­ber 22/​29, 2006 issue of the Jour­nal of the Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion, (JAMA). The

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