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Chi­ro­prac­tic Helps Child With Seizures — A Case Study

In the Vol­ume 6, No. 3, 2005 issue of the peer reviewed Jour­nal of Clin­i­cal Chi­ro­prac­tic Pedi­atrics is a sci­en­tif­i­cally reported case study of an infant suf­fer­ing from seizures who was helped by chiropractic.

The child in this case study was a 5 month old boy who, accord­ing to his par­ents, cried con­tin­u­ously, slept min­i­mally, and expe­ri­enced up to 8 seizures per day. Addi­tion­ally, the child recently had surgery to close sutures on the left side of his head. The mother also noted that her son had a con­stant head tilt to the left and could not rotate his head and neck to the right.

The chi­ro­prac­tic exam­i­na­tion on the child was dif­fi­cult as it was noted that the infant was in severe dis­tress and cried dur­ing the entire pro­ce­dure. How­ever, it was deter­mined that there were prob­lems (sub­lux­a­tions) in var­i­ous areas of the neck, mid back and lower spine.

Reg­u­lar chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ments were started and con­tin­ued for sev­eral weeks, fol­lowed by peri­odic fol­low ups. The out­come of the care was imme­di­ately pos­i­tive as the num­ber of seizures started decreas­ing after the first adjust­ment. Sev­eral weeks into the care the child seemed to have a regres­sion for one day as he expe­ri­enced five seizures in that day. How­ever, fol­low­ing this episode he was seizure free for the next week. This was the first week of his life that he was seizure free.

By the sixth week of care the child’s life had been dras­ti­cally changed for the bet­ter. He was hav­ing no seizures between adjust­ments, he was sleep­ing all night and he was eat­ing prop­erly for a child his age. The case study noted that these improve­ments rep­re­sented a sig­nif­i­cant improve­ment to the child’s qual­ity of life.

The author of the study, Nancy Brown, D.C., notes that each year approx­i­mately 150,000 chil­dren and ado­les­cents have a seizure. She points out that seizures are a sud­den onset of abnor­mal elec­tri­cal dis­charges within the brain. She fur­ther points out that the med­ical approach is to med­icate in order to sup­press the abnor­mal elec­tri­cal impulses. How­ever, she points out that there is no way to sup­press the abnor­mal impulses with­out sup­press­ing the nor­mal ones which would be needed for nor­mal func­tion and devel­op­ment. She states, “A chi­ro­prac­tic approach may there­fore be of more ben­e­fit as it will cor­rect the abnor­mal impulses not just sup­press them.”

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