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Blind Man Sud­denly Sees Again After Visit to Chi­ro­prac­tor

Sev­eral news sto­ries appeared on TV and online about Doug Harkey, a man who regained his eye­sight after a chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ment. Two of the sto­ries appeared on Jan­u­ary 11, 2008 in the Tele­graph Her­ald from Dubuque Iowa, and KCRG-​TV news from Cedar Rapids Iowa. (Click here to read TV news story and to play video)

Doug Harkey, a 38-​year-​old res­i­dent of Dubuque Iowa, was legally blind in his left eye for 12 years. As he reported it, “I woke up one day and I didn’t have vision in one eye.” Being legally blind did not limit Mr. Harkey’s ambi­tions as the sto­ries reported that he did para­chute out of a plane in 2006.

Doug Harkey’s fiancé, Gina Con­nolly was going to a chi­ro­prac­tor, Dr. Tim Stackis, and con­vinced Doug to attend a new-​patient class. Harkey admited, “I was skep­ti­cal about chi­ro­prac­tic”. How­ever, in spite of his skep­ti­cism, the sto­ries note that on Jan­u­ary 3, 2008 Doug received a chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ment, and his world was changed.

Harkey recalled the events after that adjust­ment, “My blind eye start­ing water­ing after I left there and it watered for 45 min­utes straight. It started mak­ing my good eye water. I went to wipe my right eye and I could see out my left again.” His enthu­si­asm con­tin­ued as he remarked, “While I wiped my right eye, I could see out of my left.” He then told a friend, “Oh my God, I can see!”. To which his friend responded, “You always could.” Harkey then exclaimed, “No, out of my LEFT eye!”

Dr. Stackis explained in an inter­view, “I’ve heard of cases of peo­ple regain­ing their sight, but I’ve never expe­ri­enced some­thing like Doug’s mag­ni­tude. Mir­a­cles can hap­pen and some of those mir­a­cles are pretty big.” He con­tin­ued his expla­na­tion of what hap­pened by not­ing that some of the bones in Mr. Harkey’s neck were out of align­ment (sub­lux­a­tion), “That inter­feres with the mes­sages and energy the brain sends down to the rest of the body.” Dr Stackis con­tin­ued, “Your nerve sys­tem con­trols and reg­u­lates every func­tion of your body,”

Harkey con­cluded his remarks and summed up the sit­u­a­tion and opti­mism for his future by say­ing, “I’ll have every­thing back except my periph­eral vision. In the day­time, it will be great to see everything

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