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Chi­ro­prac­tors Don’t Raise Stroke Risk, Study Says

Oppo­nents of Chi­ro­prac­tic have attempted a smear cam­paign over the last sev­eral years by sug­gest­ing that chi­ro­prac­tic adjust­ments to the neck increased the risk of a cer­tain type of stroke. This cam­paign was never based upon any sci­en­tific evi­dence, but rather on biased opin­ions. A new study to be pub­lished in the med­ical sci­en­tific jour­nal “Spine” on Feb­ru­ary 15, 2008 puts those false accu­sa­tions to rest and clearly shows that chi­ro­prac­tic does not increase the risks of these types of problems.

The story only received lim­ited press cov­er­age includ­ing a story in the Jan­u­ary 19, 2008 issue of the Globe and Mail out of Canada. The sci­en­tific jour­nal “Spine” is an inter­na­tional jour­nal and rec­og­nized as one of the most pres­ti­gious pub­li­ca­tions on spinal health mat­ters. In this study, pub­lished on Feb­ru­ary 15, 2008, researchers con­ducted one of the largest stud­ies of this kind. They looked at 818 patients with a spe­cific kind of stroke that some sug­gested might be the result of neck manip­u­la­tions. The dif­fer­ence in this study was that the researchers checked the preva­lence of vis­its to chi­ro­prac­tors and to med­ical doc­tors related to this problem.

Dr. Frank Sil­ver, one of the researchers and a pro­fes­sor of med­i­cine at the Uni­ver­sity of Toronto and direc­tor of the Uni­ver­sity Health Net­work stroke pro­gram, noted that there was no inci­dence of increased stroke for a visit to the chi­ro­prac­tor than for a visit to the med­ical doc­tor. He explained the results, “We didn’t see any increased asso­ci­a­tion between chi­ro­prac­tic care and usual fam­ily physi­cian care, and the stroke.”

This sci­en­tific study shows that past assump­tions attempt­ing to relate chi­ro­prac­tic care with cer­tain types of strokes were not due to the care, but rather to the fact that the peo­ple who went to chi­ro­prac­tors and med­ical doc­tors with cer­tain types of prob­lems were slightly more likely to suf­fer this type of prob­lem any­way. Dr. Sil­ver explained, “The asso­ci­a­tion occurs because patients tend to seek care when they’re hav­ing neck pain or headache, and some­times they go to a chi­ro­prac­tor, some­times they go to a physi­cian. But we didn’t see an increased like­li­hood of them hav­ing this type of stroke after see­ing a chiropractor.”

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