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Birth Injury With Var­i­ous Meth­ods of Deliv­ery

From an arti­cle in the Decem­ber 2nd, 1999 issue of the New Eng­land Jour­nal of Med­i­cine some inter­est­ing sta­tis­tics were revealed. These sta­tis­tics were based on stud­ies con­ducted by a researcher named Towner, of 600,000 aver­age weight infants born from 1992 to 1994 in California.

In this study 66.5 % were deliv­ered by spon­ta­neous vagi­nal deliv­ery, 20.1 % by cesarean deliv­ery, 10.2% by vac­uum extrac­tion, 2.7 % by for­ceps and 0.5% deliv­ered by both vac­uum and for­ceps. Accord­ing to the Towner study, deaths at birth due to these pro­ce­dures were as fol­lows. Vagi­nal deliv­ery death rate was 1 per 5000, the vac­uum extrac­tion deliv­ery death rate was 1 per 3333, and the for­ceps deliv­ery death rate was 1 per 2000 births. Also stud­ied was the rate of intracra­nial hem­or­rhage caused by these same pro­ce­dures. Those sta­tis­tics were, for vagi­nal birth 1 per 1900, for vac­uum deliv­ery 1 per 860, and for for­ceps birth 1 per 664 births.

Rel­a­tive to chi­ro­prac­tic, these sta­tis­tics high­light the extent of obvi­ous dam­age pos­si­ble within the birth process. Chi­ro­prac­tors have main­tained that birth dam­age to the ner­vous sys­tem far less obvi­ous than this occurs at an alarm­ing rate with effects on nerve sys­tem func­tion that may not be seen for years.

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A Novem­ber 10, 2003 MSNBC arti­cle from Reuters news starts off by say­ing, “A con­sumer group charged that the mar­ket­ing of fatty, sugary,

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