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Chem­i­cals Can Reach the Baby in the Womb

New research reported in the Sep­tem­ber 7, 2005 BBC-​News shows that chem­i­cals found in per­fumes and clean­ing prod­ucts can cross the pla­centa and reach the baby in the womb. In this study tests were car­ried out on blood sam­ples from the umbil­i­cal cords of 27 new­born babies and 42 new moth­ers. The sam­ples were tested for eight groups of chem­i­cals, includ­ing those found in clean­ing prod­ucts and non-​stick and water­proof coatings.

The results showed that all of the sam­ples tested pos­i­tive for at least some of the 35 chem­i­cals tested. Some of the umbil­i­cal cord blood sam­ples in the study con­tained as many as 14 of the chem­i­cals, and two of the moth­ers tested pos­i­tive for as many as 17 of the chemicals.

This study did not look at the effects of these chem­i­cals on the health of new­borns prompt­ing some health offi­cials in the UK to sug­gest that preg­nant women should not be alarmed by the find­ings because they said there was no clear evi­dence that the chem­i­cals were caus­ing dam­age to unborn children.

These find­ings, how­ever, do alarm many. Helen Periv­ier, Tox­ics Cam­paigner for Green­peace Inter­na­tional said: “It is shock­ing that such chem­i­cals are in the human body at any stage of our life, let alone at the very start, when the child is most vul­ner­a­ble.” Andrew Lee of WWF-​UK said: “These chem­i­cals should not be in prod­ucts, let alone in devel­op­ing babies.” Mr Lee noted that it is vital for the health of future gen­er­a­tions that the Euro­pean Union pro­pose leg­is­la­tion and call for a wider ban on poten­tially toxic chem­i­cals. The BBC arti­cle reported that the Euro­pean Union is cur­rently in the process of revis­ing its chem­i­cals policy.

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On March 26, 2001 MSNBC ran a story called “Friendly Infec­tions”. The basis of the story is that when we kill bac­te­ria involved

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