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97.5% of Measles Diag­noses are Incor­rect

From Europe Today, April 1998 comes an inter­est­ing report about the level of error occur­ring in the diag­no­sis of measles. The feed­back comes from the UK’s Pub­lic Health Lab­o­ra­tory Ser­vice, which found that 97.5% of the time, British doc­tors are wrong in their diag­no­sis of measles. This con­clu­sion was reached after saliva tests were per­formed on 12,000 per­son diag­nosed with measles. Roger But­tery, an advi­sor on trans­mis­si­ble dis­eases at the Cam­bridge and Hunt­ing­don Health Depart­ment, said “a major­ity of doc­tors say they can rec­og­nize measles ‘a mile off’ but we now know that this ill­ness occurs in only 2.5% of the cases.” If the infor­ma­tion offered by But­tery et al. is cor­rect, then the true inci­dence of measles in the UK is not the reported 6,000 per year, but more like 150.

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On March 4th, 2006 Gov­er­nor Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger, a long-​time chi­ro­prac­tic sup­porter, addressed a group of around 200 Doc­tors of Chi­ro­prac­tic at the 14th

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