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Diet Soda Poses Same Risk of Heart Prob­lems as Non Diet

A new study pub­lished in the July 23, 2007 jour­nal “Cir­cu­la­tion” and reported on the WebMD web­site the next day sug­gested that drink­ing diet soda does not decrease the risk of heart attack com­pared to drink­ing reg­u­lar sug­ared soda.

The study comes from a large, multi-​generational heart study that fol­lowed res­i­dents of Fram­ing­ham, Mass., a town about 25 miles west of Boston. In this study researchers observed approx­i­mately 6,000 middle-​aged men and women to see the effect drink­ing diet soda would have on heart health.

Researchers found the results were sur­pris­ing. Study senior author, Dr. Vasan Ramachan­dran of the Boston Uni­ver­sity School of Med­i­cine com­mented, “It’s intrigu­ing and it begs an expla­na­tion by peo­ple who are qual­i­fied to do stud­ies to under­stand this better.”

Barry Pop­kin, of the Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina in Chapel Hill voiced his con­cern about the study by say­ing, “There’s too much con­tra­dic­tory evi­dence that shows that diet bev­er­ages are health­ier for you in terms of los­ing weight that I would not put any cre­dence to the result on the diet (drinks).”

The study did show that those who drank soda, whether diet or not, were sub­ject to an increase in “meta­bolic syn­drome”, a clus­ter of symp­toms that increase the risk for heart dis­ease and a host of other heart issues.

The Amer­i­can Heart Asso­ci­a­tion issued a state­ment in response to the study, “Diet soda can be a good option to replace caloric bev­er­ages that do not con­tain impor­tant vit­a­mins and minerals.”

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A prophetic arti­cle appeared in the Decem­ber 21, 2006 online Chan­nel 9 News web­site out of Chat­tanooga, Ten­nessee. The story reported on

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