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Chi­ro­prac­tic Joins the Main­stream

From the April 4, 2002 issue of the New York Daily News comes a story with a head­line that reads, “The Con­ven­tional Alter­na­tive Once on the fringe, chi­ro­prac­tic joins the med­ical main­stream.” The story in essence reports that chi­ro­prac­tic care is gain­ing main­stream accep­tance even in the med­ical com­mu­nity. The story reports on sev­eral indi­vid­u­als who tout the ben­e­fits they have received from chi­ro­prac­tic care.

One such pro­po­nent is New York-​based opera singer Fred­er­ick Burchi­nal who can spend entire evenings bent over in the role of a hunch­back. He expands upon his prob­lems by say­ing, “They are aches and prob­lems that, if let alone, could esca­late into other kinds of ill­ness, in the sinus! flu! stom­ach prob­lems!” He con­tin­ues, “I am much health­ier now. Some­times I go away for two or three months, for work, and I notice I start to feel not at peak per­for­mance. Then I have one or two ses­sions with my chi­ro­prac­tor, and I am right back in form.”

The arti­cle also hears from Dr. James Dil­lard, an M.D., acupunc­tur­ist, chi­ro­prac­tor and head of Oxford Health Plans’ alter­na­tive med­i­cine pro­gram. He says, “There has been a shift.” For a long time, the med­ical estab­lish­ment “wanted chi­ro­prac­tic to go away.” “Now, the demand is so loud that HMOs and PPOs and other con­vo­luted arrange­ments under man­aged care are rec­og­niz­ing that they must pro­vide cov­er­age.” In fact, says Dil­lard, “States with insur­ance equal­ity [laws] actu­ally require third-​party pay­ers not to dis­crim­i­nate against chiropractors.”

The arti­cle sug­gests that it is the patient responses that have actu­ally got­ten the med­ical and insur­ance com­mu­nity to be more respon­sive to chi­ro­prac­tic. The arti­cle also sug­gests that one of the rea­sons is, “Chi­ro­prac­tors seem more car­ing, as a group, than many tra­di­tional, time-​pressed doc­tors.” Addi­tion­ally the arti­cle reports that among a group of work­ers with back-​related injuries, those who saw chi­ro­prac­tors paid about a tenth as much and lost a tenth of the work­days as those who went to med­ical doc­tors. They also reported on other pub­lished stud­ies from 1997 to 2001 that showed chi­ro­prac­tic helps ten­sion and migraine headaches and ear infec­tions. In a Min­nesota study, chil­dren with asthma had fewer severe attacks after reg­u­lar adjust­ments. The results are that 30 mil­lion peo­ple seek some form of chi­ro­prac­tic care each year.

Chi­ro­prac­tic is even find­ing its way into hos­pi­tal pro­grams. John Weeks, a com­ple­men­tary med­i­cine expert who works with insur­ance com­pa­nies says, “These days, chi­ro­prac­tic is key the back­bone, in fact to many of the 125 hospital-​based inte­gra­tive med­i­cine pro­grams up and run­ning in 2001. Find­ing a way to suc­cess­fully inte­grate chi­ro­prac­tic” into hos­pi­tal pro­grams like Beth Israel’s is “crit­i­cal” in mak­ing them work financially.”

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