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Can­cer Killers: What does health look like?

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Looks are Deceiving

Just because you think you eat right or “pretty good,” think you get enough exer­cise, or even see a chi­ro­prac­tor reg­u­larly or occa­sion­ally, does not mean you’re pro­tected from can­cer! Doing these things cor­rectly pre­vents or fights can­cer. I was work­ing out, eat­ing well, and get­ting adjusted for years. If you looked at me, I looked healthy! But I wasn’t. The can­cers they found in my body had been build­ing for a long time.

With nutri­tion, I was eat­ing a lot of fit­ness foods with­out a focus on qual­ity, and my sup­ple­ments were mostly syn­thetic rather than whole foods. I also didn’t work out to sup­port a healthy sys­tem, I just lifted heavy weights. So I looked great, but wasn’t devel­op­ing the kind of oxygen-​efficient body that makes one the most effec­tive Can­cer Killer.

If you don’t opti­mize and main­tain your cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem, you’re negat­ing the area that plays the largest role in help­ing your immune sys­tem han­dle today’s toxic envi­ron­ment. I was get­ting adjusted every week, but the wrong way. It wasn’t cor­rec­tive care. After 14 years of care, my cer­vi­cal spine was still in ter­ri­ble con­di­tion and con­tin­u­ing to inter­fere with nerve sup­ply to organs and tissues.

On top of all that, I’d never addressed the mas­sive toxic over­load that my body was under. I’d lived in sev­eral new homes and office build outs the last sev­eral years before my diag­no­sis. Because of the new con­struc­tion, I’d been exposed to all of the chemically-​treated build­ing mate­ri­als that emit gas that’s absorbed by the body but can’t be metab­o­lized with­out help.

So, yes, I appeared per­fectly healthy! I looked like I ate healthy! I was adjusted, but it wasn’t cor­rec­tive care and it was done the wrong way. Addi­tion­ally, the toxic bur­den I’d been exposed to was rapidly over­whelm­ing my sys­tem. That’s why it’s so impor­tant to never judge your health by the way you look phys­i­cally, or because you think you do one area like nutri­tion or fit­ness pretty well. Your abil­ity to be truly well and pre­vent chronic dis­ease is deter­mined by how closely you live accord­ing to these 5 Essen­tials (a max­i­mized mind, max­i­mized nerve sup­ply, qual­ity nutri­tion, opti­mum fit­ness, and min­i­mized toxins).

— Orig­i­nal excerpt writ­ten by Dr. Charles Majors, pub­lished in “The Can­cer Killers”

Dr Charles Majors

Dr Charles’ Story

In Sep­tem­ber 2010, Charles was diag­nosed with mul­ti­ple myeloma which had spread to his brain in the form of four large tumors. A very rare can­cer, mul­ti­ple myeloma occurs in less than 1% of the adult pop­u­la­tion. Attempted surgery to remove the brain tumors was unsuc­cess­ful, and Charles was left with very few options for sur­vival for this con­di­tion, con­sid­ered to be incurable.

Hav­ing been given weeks to live, Charles sought the care of inte­gra­tive oncol­o­gists, and embarked on a heal­ing jour­ney using all holis­tic, non-​medical inter­ven­tions. Through this care, Charles’ health improved dra­mat­i­cally. Four years after his diag­no­sis, shock­ing his con­ven­tional physi­cians, an updated MRI revealed no tumors in Charles’ brain. He was pro­claimed to be cancer-​free at the five-​year anniver­sary of his diag­no­sis.
Dur­ing these years, Charles used his own expe­ri­ence to help and inspire thou­sands of indi­vid­u­als look­ing to pre­vent and beat their own can­cers. It brought Charles incred­i­ble joy to not only be cancer-​free him­self, but to see oth­ers receive the same procla­ma­tions from their own doc­tors as a result of his inspiration.

Hav­ing been strong and hav­ing beaten all the odds for six years, Charles expe­ri­enced new symp­toms in the final few months of his life. Charles had a rare sub­set of mul­ti­ple myeloma, occur­ring in 1% of mul­ti­ple myeloma patients — very unex­pect­edly, the dis­ease man­i­fested aggres­sively in Charles’ final weeks. Though he received tremen­dous care from both his holis­tic physi­cians and con­ven­tional oncol­o­gists, Charles’ body was unable to keep up the fight; he passed away at the age of 46.

Charles beat all of his doc­tors’ expec­ta­tions for six years, sur­viv­ing longer than any­one would have ever expected. He ded­i­cated his life to help­ing every­one in his path. The sheer num­bers of friends, patients and col­leagues who have accred­ited their achieve­ments in health and in per­sonal suc­cess to the inspi­ra­tion of Charles Majors has been immeasurable.

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