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Chi­ro­prac­tic Boosts Immune Sys­tem

chiropractic-immune-systemIn 1975, Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of can­cer pre­ven­tion research at New York’s Pre­ven­tive Med­i­cine Insti­tute and pro­fes­sor in Envi­ron­men­tal Health at New York Uni­ver­sity, began research­ing the most sci­en­tif­i­cally valid ways to esti­mate indi­vid­ual sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to var­i­ous chronic dis­eases. He has con­ducted a tremen­dous amount of research in this area that includes over 160 pub­lished reports in peer reviewed journals.

Pero and his col­leagues dis­cov­ered that var­i­ous DNA-​repairing enzymes could be sig­nif­i­cantly altered fol­low­ing expo­sure to car­cino­genic chem­i­cals. He found strong evi­dence that an individual’s sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to can­cer could be deter­mined by these enzymes. Lack of those enzymes, Pero said, ‘def­i­nitely lim­its not only your lifes­pan, but also your abil­ity to resist seri­ous dis­ease consequences.’

Pero was fas­ci­nated by the rela­tion­ship cancer-​inducing agents had on the endocrine sys­tem. Since the ner­vous sys­tem reg­u­lates hor­mone bal­ance, he hypoth­e­sized that the ner­vous sys­tem had to also have a strong influ­ence on one’s sus­cep­ti­bil­ity to cancer.

To sup­port this argu­ment he found a sub­stan­tial amount of lit­er­a­ture link­ing var­i­ous kinds of spinal cord injuries and can­cer. Pero found that these injuries led to a very high rate of lym­phomas and lym­phatic leukemias. This under­stand­ing led Pero to con­sider Chi­ro­prac­tic care as a means of reduc­ing the risk of immune break­down and disease.

In 1986 Dr. Pero col­laber­ated with Dr. Joseph Fle­sia, a chi­ro­prac­tor and researcher who was also the chair­man for the Chi­ro­prac­tic Basic Sci­ence Research Foun­da­tion. They began to research these inter­est­ing con­nec­tions at the Uni­ver­sity of London-​Sweden. Using sci­en­tific meth­ods and Dr. Pero’s tests for mea­sur­ing immunce com­pe­tence, Dr. Pero dis­cov­ered some inter­est­ing con­clu­sions. Pero’s team mea­sured 107 indi­vid­u­als who had received long-​term Chi­ro­prac­tic care. After account­ing for as many vari­ables as pos­si­ble, Dr. Pero dis­cov­ered that the indi­vid­u­als who had received long term chi­ro­prac­tic care had a 200% greater immune com­pe­tence than peo­ple who had not received chi­ro­prac­tic care, and a 400% greater immune com­pe­tence than peo­ple with can­cer or seri­ous dis­eases. Inter­est­ingly, Pero found no decline with the var­i­ous age groups in the study demon­strat­ing that the DNA repair­ing enzymes were just as present in long-​term chi­ro­prac­tic senior groups as they were in the younger groups.

Pero con­cluded, ‘Chi­ro­prac­tic may opti­mize what­ever genetic abil­i­ties you have so that you can fully resist seri­ous disease…I have never seen a group other than this show a 200% increase over nor­mal patients.’

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